tech4animals lab (@ northumbria)

Tech4Animals is a multi-national, multi-disciplinary research team specializing in Animal-centered AI, computational ethology, and, particularly at our Northumbria branch, the role of technology in human-animal relations. We develop computational approaches for understanding animal behavior and affect and promoting animal welfare and well-being, and conduct critical studies assessing and advising how technology ought to be used in human-animal contexts. Our lab is spread across Israel, the UK, Europe, and Africa.

student projects at northumbria

At the Northumbria branch of Tech4Animals we work a lot with student projects that are driven by individual students' passion on real problems related to animal well-being and the use of animal technologies, from empirical research to ground the design of caregiving support apps, to designing artifacts to improve privacy awareness, to machine learning efforts to aid fundamental research.

Are you interested in working on a Tech4Animals Lab project for your undergrad or postgrad thesis at Northumbria? Get in touch with me!


David Feingold

MSc student in Artificial Intelligence

Project: Development of artificial intelligence models to identify different behaviors in shelter dogs

Sam Gowland

MSc student in Computer Science

Project: Analyzing attitudes towards wildlife encounters

Josh Penrhyn-Jones

MSc Student in Computer Science

Project: Technology's role in promoting local animal conservation efforts


Raphy Bihis

MSc student in Artificial Intelligence

Project: Small-scale Animal Monitoring of Ladybird and Aphid through Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Alex Morgan

BSc student in Information Technology Management & Business

Project: Towards a platform to assist in the caregiving of visually impaired pet dogs

๐ŸŽ‰ Published in ACI'22!

Jasmine Forester-Owen

BSc student in Information Technology Management & Business

Project: Investigation into how technology in the home can affect pet dogs and the development of an app for dog-owners to build their knowledge

๐ŸŽ‰ Published in ACI'22!

James McParlan

BSc student in Information Technology Management & Business

Project: An Investigation into the Data Collected and Privacy Concerns Around Digital Dog Technologies

๐ŸŽ‰ Published in ACI'21!